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2015- Performance Report- Organic Search

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2015- Performance Report- Organic Search

2015 was an excellent year for us. Sales have increased, website visits have increased, and social media visits increased as well.  We focused  much of our attention on mobile marketing and just strengthening our organic ranking.

Organic Search Traffic 2015- 35% Increase.

I’m not going to say that I am super happy with a 35 % increase, however, I am not upset. In 2014 we increased organic traffic by 150%!  This massive increase occurred because we moved from the bottom of the first page to the first, second, and third search result on the SERPS (for targeted keyword phrases). This goes to show how much of a difference ranking number one or two makes vs. ranking five, six, or seven on Google’s first page. I knew coming into 2015 that we probably wouldn’t beat last year’s organic traffic increases. My goal was to obtain at least a 30% increase-  which we were able to achieve.  In 2015 our ranking for our targeted keywords fluctuated from the first search result to the third search result. We were in a constant battle for that number one position for many of our keyword phrases.

Strategy (how we maintained high organic ranking)

  • Content! Content, content, and more content (blogs and landing pages)!  I put countless hours focusing on generating our content schedule. Finding contributors, editing/optimizing original content, and providing our audience with relevant content was my primary focus. We were able to generate at least 2-4 blogs a week. . Increasing our blogging volume showed the search engines that we are active and consistent. In the SEO landscape, content is king. 
  • Internal Linking! I think we did a decent job of strategically placing our anchor texts within our content. We used internal linking to strengthen other landing pages and blogs. Relevant internal linking also kept our audience on our site and had them visiting other pages.
  • Mobile! We implemented a responsive website design. The responsive design is what Google prefers and allows your site to fit any mobile or table device. Sites that aren’t mobile friendly will loss ranking.  Side note-  sites that are secure, will receive more ranking juice (HTTPS).
  • Link Building! Link building is clearly the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. We focused on getting links from relevant websites. We were able to obtain links by creditable website as well.  As far as link building goes, it’s about quality, not quantity. The majority of our link backs are from relevant sites. We don’t have thousands of links, but our links are clean, strong, and  relevant.  Generating content on a consistent basis is the best way to naturally drive link backs. Guest blogging is still an excellent tactic for link building (be careful guest blogging is a slippery slop) as well.  Forum posting and YouTube annotations are also great SEO tactics that we utilized.
  • Social Media! Social media is a vital aspect of our link building strategy. Posting new content and blasting it out on our social media platforms generated natural link backs and shares. Remember, social media does have a minor influence on organic ranking (indicator/signal). When you consistently generate original & quality content you will develop a reputation which will drive shares and link backs. 

 Room for Improvement

  • YouTube. Our YouTube under-performed in 2015. Traffic was slightly down because we didn’t generate enough new videos. Our videos we have all rank very well in YouTube search, but the lack of diversity and volume is holding us back. We are two months into 2016 and we have generated six new videos and revamped/optimized our entire YouTube channel. If we can maintain this pace, we will have an excellent year with our YouTube. I think we need to become more relevant with our videos. I personally have to become better at video editing as well.
  • Instagram. We plan on upping our Instagram posts and engagement. I think 2015 was a strong year for us on Instagram, but we can always improve. Never be satisfied. 
  • General Site Upgrades. I am already working with our programmer to develop some “FRESH” features of our site. It’s always good to improve the look and implement some new innovations focused on UX and content navigation.  It is a challenge organizing and presenting all of our content because of the sheer volume.


Search engine optimization is a challenging task that takes time and consistency. The SEO landscape is constantly changing and websites that do not keep up with the changes, will get buried in search.  We are focusing on link building, mobile, and generating quality/original content as we always do.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.


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