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Analytics Report: January 2020 vs. January 2019

Analytics Report: January 2020 vs. January 2019
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The first month of 2020 is in the books and I am thrilled to start off the year with solid increases across the board. For our business, comparing each month to last years month is critical. Our business is unique as our business yearly cycle is broken down into what we call seasons (selling sports products and apparel). We have an off-season, pre-season, and our in-season. The strategy for each season does vary, as their mindset and buying tendencies are different during each season. We will continue this strategy right into February. Let’s dive in! 

Search Engine Optimization

Organic Traffic Increase: 60.59%

Heading into January 2020 we focused on keeping our quality content train rolling. January is our slowest month when it comes to all traffic and sales. It’s the off-season and people just aren’t in the buying mindset. However, it is the time where our audience is looking to learn more- January is the beginning of clinic season! With that said, we are focused on generating content that is focused on providing quality content (blogs, pages, videos, and images) that are geared towards our audience’s mindset on becoming better coaches.

Google is constantly changing and evolving and they came out with the Bert Update late last year. This is an update that has really helped our website. Here’s what Google said about the update:

“These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries, as BERT is able to help Search better understand the nuance and context of words in Searches and better match those queries with helpful results.

Particularly for longer, more conversational queries, or searches where prepositions like “for” and “to” matter a lot to the meaning, Search will be able to understand the context of the words in your query. You can search in a way that feels natural for you.”

SEO Tactics (how we did it) 

  •  Produce quality content that is relevant and informative.
  • All content is aligned with the off-season personas-visitor demographic and mindset. 
  • All content and media (images & videos) are optimized and SEO best practices are followed.
  • Link building- providing quality content will drive natural link backs. We also do a little guest blogging, when it makes sense.
  • Forum postings. 
  • We focused less on keyword search volume and more on creating better titles that drive more clicks, which will help show Google that our content is of high quality.
  • All images and text are optimized for mobile. Mobile user experience is a critical ranking factor, so that helps us big time.
  • All images are high quality (fast loading and clear) and are assigned with descriptions and alt tags containing keywords.
  • We are always on  the look out for quality content providers.
  • All our blogs are optimizes for search, Google Images, and Video. So we are ranking high on the SERP, Image Result Pages, and Video Result Pages.
  • All-star program and featured organization programs have helped drive link backs. 

Social Media 

Social Media Referral Traffic: 187.76% 

We started 2020 with a monster month on social media! We sent nearly 8 thousand people to our website through our social media channels in one month, with most of the traffic coming from Facebook and Pinterest. Our strategy does vary depending on the platform, however, producing quality social media content is at the forefront of our strategy for all platforms. All of our social media content is focused on engagement, informing, and providing relevant content. This is a simple strategy that has paid off big for us. In the past, I felt that our content got a little too repetitive, so I wanted to show more energy and creativity in all our posts. We focused much more on engagement and video which has helped our page extend our reach. Each video we upload got 500+ views last month, it’s insane! How’d we do it? Well, here’s insight into our strategy on Facebook (our best performing platform). I will write separate article talking about our strategies for our other social media platforms (all of our platforms have seen major increases compared to last year).

Facebook Strategy (up 234.96 %)

  • Quality content- posting new articles. Posting relevant articles and news. Many people use social media as their go-to for news, so posting relevant news has helped us big time. 
  • Quality videos- posted more videos.
  • Diverse content- we provide content on all areas of interest (our audience interests).
  • Utilized polls and more contests.
  • Videos- as I said, our videos performed very well and get a lot of reach for us.
  • Engaging content. We produced content that triggered conversations and compelled them to share and engage with our posts. This is what will get your posts the most reach!  Make it about them and less about your brand. 
  • Utilized themed days. Themed days are where we focus entirely on one topic that is important to our audience.
  • We showed more personality in our posts. We try to be human- talking to our audience like it’s an everyday conversation. Rapid response to any queries and/or concerns is a major aspect of our strategy. We developed a reputation that shows we care about our audience and that we don’t just try and sell to them. We engage in quality conversations and they know that beside all the quality content we provide, that we care about what they think. 
  • We use social media, especially Facebook as a way to conduct market research. We have such a large Facebook audience that we need their feedback, it’s invaluable. We ask them about what topics they want us to talk more about. We ask them about our products and how they would feel about certain products (we do soft releases). In addition, we use Facebook as a way to find content contributors. We also use any good comments in our actual articles and coaching quotes of the day. This makes them happy and shows that we listen and care about our audience.
  • Stupidly, market research on social media is something I have underutilized in the past. However, not anymore! The feedback we’ve gotten has allowed us to make sure we provide quality content, it has helped us develop quality products that our audience will buy, and it has helped us with overall brand reputation.
  • Time to FLEX a little- All of this was accomplished organically, with very little ad dollars committed. 
  • Facebook groups were utilized. We created a Facebook group and it has since thrived! 
  • We post several times a day on FB but we don’t post just for the sake of posting. Each post is planned and the posts are based on market research, analytics, and relevance.

Page Views: Increased 63%

Page Likes: Increased 143%

Post Reach: Increased: 149%

Post Engagement: Increased 85%

Past Follows: Increased 134%


Web Shop Sales Increased: 58%  

My boss, who also happens to be the owner of this business, was very happy with our organic search traffic increases and rankings. He also seemed to be very happy that all of our social media traffic numbers were excellent (especially since I’ve committed a ton of my time to social media). But when it’s all said and done, this is a business, so he was absolutely ecstatic with our 58% increase in sales. He was also very happy that I stayed under our committed advertising budget. I was actually able to cut some advertising spending for some keywords because we are top ranked for most of the major keywords phrases in our industry (Google Search). This the single most important reason why businesses should invest in Search Engine Optimization! Because natural search results are always clicked much more than an ad display. When you are top ranked for important search terms, you don’t really need to commit ad dollars to those terms- ultimately saving you money.

Ecommerce Strategy

  • We did market our products much more than we usually do on our social media platforms. We post at least 6 times a day on our Facebook page so we went ahead and committed 1 or 2 posts a day to promoting our products. We are at about a 6:1 ration, 1 out of every 6 posts are promoting products. With so much more people coming to our platform we have to promote our products more. With all that said, it’s still important that we provide more quality content posts than we do product promotion posts. Remember, social media is about being social, not so much selling.
  • We have a great designer that created some awesome custom product page templates. The format of these templates are great because it showcases reviews and allows us to get into great detail about our products.
  • These product pages and our shop landing page are optimized for mobile. These product pages also provide a great UX on mobile and tablets (buying on mobile is simple and fast). Our product pages are optimized for mobile-this helps our pages in regards to search rankings.
  • Fast loading web shop pages, with quality images (quality images and clean product page design/ coding). This helps our pages in regards to search rankings.
  • All product images are high quality, assigned alt tags, and have descriptions. This helps our pages in regards to search rankings.
  • All product descriptions are well written and are optimize to sell.
  • We did a huge website makeover early last year and we geared it a bit more towards selling and promoting products. This has increase sales help big time.
  • Quality content was created that refers them to our products (anchor text). This is a major part of our internal link building strategy. 

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