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Blogging  Content Optimization for SEO

Why Have a Blog?

  • Provides Fresh content for search engines to crawl.
  • You can converse about brand updates, news, or events. Anchor text can be used to strengthen other landing pages.
  • A quality and interactive blog will keep your readers interested and keep them coming back.
  • You can feature free tips & articles which will create trust between your brand and your visitors.
  • A well written product review blog post will generate sales!
  • The more quality content written, the more the search engines will recognize you as an authority in that space.
  • Shows search engines you are a live and active!

Effective SEO/SEM Blogging

  • Well written. No spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Google wants quality content. Use synonyms- do not consistently use the same word.
  • Original content.
  • Effective keyword balance (5-8%). Organized paragraphs (3-4 sentences per paragraph)
  • Relevant copy.
  • Anchor text to a relevant page within your site.
  • Copy must be written to the personality of our visitors.
  • Blog at least 3 times a week.
  • Break up content with images, use keywords in alt text and descriptions. Longer articles/blogs seem to rank stronger in the search result pages.  Each blog needs to have a minimum of 350 words.
  • Encourage interaction after every blog. Ask their thoughts.
  • Make it easily share-able on social media platforms (social media icons).
  • Add engaging images, videos, and other diagrams to give your blog/page life. This will reduce bounce rate and increase time spent on the website. These are two major ranking factors.  Let’s not forget that you can optimize the video and image for search as well. When your target keyword ranks well in Google search, Google images, and Google videos you will be golden! 


  • Duplicate content-search engines will penalize you.
  • Keyword stuffing! Keep the blog’s keyword/ keyword phrases under 8%- or you will get penalized by search engines.
  • Extended paragraphs. Readers will not want to read a paragraph that is 15 sentences long. This is user experience issue.
  • Poor quality images with no alt text or descriptions.
  • Dead links/anchor texts. Links that go to a page that is not found (404 error). The search engines will penalize you and it is not a good UX experience.
  • Blogging once a month. Search engines know who contributes quality content on a consistent basis.


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