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Hiking Breakneck Ridge- Cold Springs, NY

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Hiking Breakneck Ridge- Cold Springs, NY – Difficult, but Rewarding!

This past weekend a couple of us hiked Breakneck Ridge Trail in Cold Springs, NY. This isn’t your average hiking trail. This trail is more like a climb! This was one of the more challenging trails that I have ever done. The trail is challenging, but it is not impossible. With some effort, the casual hiker can complete this hiking trail. The scenery is beautiful. The best time to go is during the fall. The mountain is right on the edge of the Hudson River.  This was actually our third time we hiked this trail.

Hiking Breakneck Ridge- Fishkill, NY

The Breakneck Ridge Trail isn’t around the mountain or along the Hudson River, it is straight up the mountain. On the way up there are four different levels. Each level of the mountain has a place where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery. When you climb to the first level of the mountain you will have a pleasant overview of the landscape. In my option the first climb is very difficult. I feel the first climb is the steepest part of the mountain. It also takes your body sometime to adjust to the challenge of climbing.  As you can imagine, there are several photo opportunities. In the distance you will notice an island with a large house and an old civil war castle. This hike will probably take you 3-4 hours to complete.

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The terrain is rocky! You are literally climbing up and navigating through rocks. I would recommend wearing gloves. Bring gloves that will give you grip. Some people prefer not to wear gloves because they feel they have better grip on the rocks with their bare hands. Wear good hiking boots or shoes. Wear shoes or boots with strong ankle support. Do not wear warn out running shoes.  I would also recommend wearing paints so that you do not scratch your legs/shins. Bring plenty of water for re-hydration. Trust me, you are going to need it.

12651327_10209089666784607_5037825063074977346_nHikers need to take their time and follow the white markers. Throughout the trail the white markers will take you through the easiest parts. This trail is difficult, but very doable. There are people of all ages that are able to do this trail. Although it is a bit of a climb, don’t let that deter you from doing it. The air is fresh, the views are beautiful, and it is very rewarding once you complete the trail.  There is also a nice little town about 10 minutes away from the mountain where you can go out and eat. I’ve eaten at several places in that town and they all were very good.

Click to visit- The Breakneck Ridge Website 

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