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How I Utilize LinkedIn for Self and Marketing

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LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for connecting with other business professionals. I try to connect with as many people as possible. You never know who you will connect with and how they could potentially  help you one day.

How I Utilize LinkedIn for Self and Marketing

Personal LinkedIn

Employers will use LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates to fill their job openings.  This social platform will give you an opportunity to showcase your professional skills. It will give employers and recruiters additional information about your skill and accomplishments. LinkedIn will offer additional information that a resume with just bullet points cannot. Your professional profile can feature videos you created, experience, education, accomplishments, publications, skills, projects, and recommendations. You can also utilize LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is not only for the people that are in the job market, it is also an effective platform for growing business. Here is how we use LinkedIn to grow our business network:

  • We connect with other businesses and professionals in the same field.
  • Search Engine Optimization. We will contact other related websites for link exchanges.
  • Content Contributors.  We will find bloggers/writers and feature them on our site. We will write a recommendation for any guest blogger that contributes two or more articles.  Offering recommendations and endorsements are great incentives for people to contribute content.
  • Engage in group conversations. We consider this a social media platform, so we want to be social.
  • We have the important keywords inserted throughout our profile. This will allow people to find us in search.

I feel LinkedIn is extremely under utilized by many businesses and marketers.  LinkedIn has helped me find multiple content contributions that have  provided me with quality content.

Let’s connect LinkedIn


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