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New Website Launch! All Problems Solved!

New Website Launch! All Problems Solved!
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We recently did a complete website and web shop redesign. Our old design was good to us for a long time. It allowed us to showcase the massive amount of quality content, videos, and images we released. In addition, it looked good on mobile and the social sharing capabilities were fantastic. However, our old site was not modern and there wasn’t as much emphasis on selling our products. We wanted to be able to showcase our products more prominently but still stay true to our content first strategy. We decided to go with a custom parallax website design.

Problem- Slow Loading

  • Our previous website carried a lot of weight (articles, videos, member area, and images) and the old structure of code couldn’t handle the weight. This was a major issue that needed to be addressed. We had to rely on several different plugins that were critical to the functionality of our website. We all know plugins can be buggy and can really weigh a website down. Our slow loading had a direct impact on our SEO and our UX.

Problem Solved!

  • Our new site loads extremely fast on desktop, mobile, and tablet! We are no longer reliant on plugins and old coding. We have clean and new custom coding that allows our site to load as fast as lightning. The user experience is fantastic! Our website is a lean mean, fast loading content machine! The fast load time will decrease our bounce rate and really help our SEO.

Problem- Organizing 8 1/2 Years Worth of Content

  • Our strategy is focused around providing quality content to our audience. Our audience comes to our site because we provide the best content on the web to the vast football community. However, our old search feature and category system was outdated. We also had some articles that were not assigned to a category. In addition, we had several categories that we didn’t even need. Having an inaccurate search feature and an outdated and unorganized category system didn’t provide a good user experience.

Problem Solved!

  • When developing our new website we based our theme on our category and page feature. We are now able to customize our website in a variety of different ways to ensure we accommodate our audience and all of their content needs. The search function is modern and accurate! Our category system has allowed us to easily organize our content. This will greatly enhance the navigation on our website!  Being able to provide relevant content is very important to us and our audience.

Problem- Not Promoting Products Enough

  • Our old site had a product slider on the home page and some product pages. However, our old product slider wasn’t the best in regards to mobile UX and it was a heavy plugin that weigh down our website. Our old product slider was old looking and to be frank, it was pretty lame! The product pages were just as lame and didn’t offer the best user experience. In addition, how the reviews were displayed really didn’t look right. We are known for our quality products and we have great reviews, but how we presented them wasn’t ideal. Also, the old cart and check out system was old and slow.

Problem Solved!

  • We now have an awesome slider that we can feature products, new articles, pages, videos, or pretty much whatever we want. We are now able to promote our products above the fold. Our new slider will allow us to promote sales, new products, and articles. This slider will also allow us to present promoted websites (sites pay us to be featured on our home page). In addition, any new articles will be featured on the slider. We use something called Slider Revolution, it’s amazing and the customization is endless. I’m still learning how to do cool things with it, but the possibilities are endless. Our new slider is interactive and very modern. It is very visually appealing and has an animation aspect to it as well!  Most importantly, it looks amazing on all devices and provides our audience with relevant content and an excellent user experience.

Problem- Our Product Pages Stink

  • Our product pages weren’t very good. They were very 2008 like and the functionality stunk. In addition, I really didn’t like the cart, checkout process, and the related products slider on the bottom.  Again, we were using old Woo Commerce product pages that were very unimpressive. We wanted to make giving a review much easier as well. The load time and content optimization was hurting our pages in regards to SEO.

Problem Solved!

  • Our new product pages are fantastic! The pages are organized, the product pages load fast and the cart/checkout process is fast and very fluent. I love how our related products look at the bottom. They not only look great, but they make sense now! The new product pages allow us to feature great product descriptions, review videos, and user generated content. The product pages now load much faster and are optimized properly for search! I will say that there is still work that needs to be done in regards to improving our search rankings for some of our product pages. However, these product pages are now loading fast, have optimized content, images, videos, and have  great reviews. They are now optimized for search and I am expecting a strong increase in search ranking position.

Problem- Need More Videos and Different Ways to Present These Videos

  • Our old website design did have a pretty cool video carousal which we could display any amount of videos. It was something that worked well for us, but it wasn’t very modern looking. It also weighed our website down which didn’t help our homepage load time. We needed to come up with something more modern and something that didn’t stress our website.

Problem Solved!

  • We created a user and website friendly video display area. We can easily add new or remove videos by just embedding the link. In addition, it has a cool ‘Featured Video’ section where we can showcase any new or relevant videos. We placed this video section towards the bottom of our homepage, but  I’m hoping that won’t affect our views. We can feature videos in our slider now, so I don’t believe moving the video section down will impact us negatively. The best thing about our video section is that you stay on our website when you play the video. We want to keep them on our website when they hit play, not go to YouTube.  If they want to go to our YouTube and check us out they have that option as well.

Problem- Home Page Desperately Needed a Revamp

  • Our homepage was heavy, slow loading, too busy, and was just outdated. Our video carousal was slow loading and we needed a better way to showcase our diverse content. I will say that the old home page was responsive and did look very good on mobile and tablets. I didn’t hate our old home page, but we did need something that wasn’t from  2012.

Problem Solved!

  • We decided to go with a parallax website design. Our website is now divided into 4 sections with a slider above the fold. The slider allows us to showcase our products, new articles, new pages, new videos, clothing lines, and anything else we’d want to feature. It’s pretty awesome. It looks great on mobile and it has great slide designs and interactive call to actions button that can be embedded. The content is now organized and our visitors can easily search for content.


It’s been a week and a half since the launch of our new web design and here are the metrics:

Organic Search: 25%

Social Traffic: 87%

Facebook: 75%

YouTube: 52% (a little lower than I was hoping, but we’ll keep at it- I clearly have some work to do here).

Pinterest: 75% (Yes!!)

Twitter: 105%

Users: 32%

New Users: 33%

Sessions: 41%

Page Views: 40%


To say that I am happy with these analytics is an understatement. To be honest, I couldn’t of ask of a better start to the launch. With that said, it’s important to keep things going! It’s all about consistency and staying ahead of the frequently changing digital landscape. There are still a ton of things that need to be done. There is always room for improvement and growth. This is the slow time of our year, but I am confident that we can keep things rolling as we head into the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2019.

Consistent actions, create consistent results!

Have a good day!


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