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Organic Change- The Ultimate Migraine Treatment Medicine

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Organic Change- The ultimate Migraine Treatment Medicine

Since childhood I would always get a cluster of migraine headaches. Once the headache subsided I still would struggled with the lingering symptoms. My hope is that this story will help someone that is struggling with migraines like I did. I am not saying this is a cure and I am no doctor. In no way am I guaranteeing this will work for you. This is just telling a story about what worked for me.

In 2009 I began getting chronic migraines. These headaches would last for literally weeks on end.  There was really nothing I could do to relive this discomforted.  When I first started getting migraine headaches my migraine treatment was to just relax in a dark- cool room and the pain would slowly settle.  As I got older this technique started to be unsuccessful.

Since 2011 I have been to the ER two different times for headache related issues. As the severity of these headaches increased, I decided to seek medical help. I decided to take my headache issues to my regular physician. They prescribed me some medicines that did nothing but make me feel sick and weak. I came back a week later saying the meds they prescribed got me sick and really did not relive the throbbing.  They then prescribed me Sumavel Does Pro (sumatriptan), which is a needless injection.

Sumavel does pro This migraine treatment injection did decrease some of the migraine pain, but it made me feel dreadful! Every time I felt a migraine coming on I would have to take this injection. After I took the injection I would feel light headed, dizzy, and my fingers tips would tingle then go completely numb (the medicine is a blood vessel thinner). I would throw up roughly three out of every five times I would take the medicine.  I dealt with the symptoms of the dose pro at first only because I wanted to give it a real chance.  I tried this for about two weeks and then gave up on it. The Migraine treatment medicines my primary doctor prescribed me did not work at all.

I then was able to get a referral to a really good neurologist. After a couple of doctor visits that got me pretty much nowhere, I set an appointment up with the neurologist.  My neurologist set me up with an MRI and EEG scan. This entire process was pretty scary because they were not sure what was causing these headaches. I was a little nervous while waiting for the results (MRI & EEG) because I had the worst case scenarios in my head. I was worried about having a brain tumor or some other serve condition. When I got the test results back they all came back good, no brain tumors! Thank god! It was an enormous relief. Even though that was fantastic news that I was very thankful to hear, I still had to figure out an effective migraine headache treatment plan.

During a follow up appointment with my neurologist she gave me a packet of things to do to help deter migraines. She also prescribed me a preventive drug that did absolutely nothing to help prevent these headaches (cost me 50$ a week). The only good thing is that the medicine did not really have any side effects. I also got prescribed a steroid that supposedly will knock these headaches out. I did some research on the drug and the whole “Steroid” thing really deterred me from even trying it. Who knows? Maybe it would have worked, but there was no shot of me putting that stuff into my body.

Inside a packet I received from my neurologist that is titled “Preventing Migraines” was information I already knew or researched online.  Aside from getting the MRI and EEG scans I really had not made any progress in the fight against these migraines headaches.  I was told to take it easy and stay with the medicines that costed me a good chunk of change every week.  I feel like it is all one big scandal. The doctors and pharmaceutical companies are all getting paid off of an unhealthy America. I spent a ton of money on meds and doctor visits and still did not have a treatment plan or medicines that worked. I was getting a bit frustrated because I spent the past three months trying to figure this migraine riddle out. I was frustrated because I had to go to work with permanent headaches and annoying symptoms. I could not really play sports or even workout like I wanted to do. Getting my butt kicked by these migraines did not allow me to stay very active.

I put on nearly twenty pounds during that time span. This was pretty disappointing because I always pride myself on staying fit and active. One morning I woke up with another headache and I was just infuriated. I told myself this: well medicines are not working and I am tired of wasting my money on doctors that will just make me pay for more medicines.  I was tired of being a medicine test dummy! I know, I know, a little bit of an exaggeration, but that is how I felt.  I decided to look into some other options other than medicines and doctor visits. I then looked at my diet.

I decided to go vegetarian, which I did for a month straight. After a month of an animal free diet I felt no difference. My head was still throbbing and the pressure did not subside.  Then I realized I never really consumed a ton of meat anyway, so that probably was not the problem.  I told myself maybe I should cut out the junk food.  I would eat a ton of potato chips, french fries, processed frozen foods, and fast foods that had no nutritional value what so ever. These were foods that were convenient for me after a full day of work and headaches. I found an article about a young woman that actually reduced her migraines by eating only organic foods.  So at first I was like organic? Then I wondered to myself what makes organic so healthy?  The price sure the heck does not help it’s case!  But I went on to give it a shot anyway, why not right? I began going to Whole Foods and Wegmans for my organic groceries. Organic Chart   I started off eating pretty much the same way but the foods were organic.  As time went by I implemented a stricter organic diet. This diet included a heavy dose of RAW organic fruits, RAW organic vegetables, and organic grains/nuts/seeds. I cut out beef, pork, chicken, farm raised fish and other chemical infested meats.  I cut out my go to foods: potato chips and French fries. I also reduced my dairy intake by about seventy percent.  I started making my own healthy, chemical free-organic meals. I went all in on the “clean eating” and “ clean living” philosophy. It took about two weeks or so until I started feeling a real difference.  At first it was difficult for me to substitute carrots for potato chips, but I had to give it a shot.

It really took some time for me to break my addition to potato chips, french fries, and other junk foods.  I would ALWAYS have chips or french fries with a sandwich or meal. It is bad enough french fries are fried, then I would go ahead and drench them in ketchup that is loaded with high fructose corn syrup.  High fructose corn syrup is known to trigger migraines and it is in pretty much everything we eat and drink in this country. The good thing about organic, is if it USDA Certified Organic there will be no high fructose corn syrup.  HFCS is sugar that is a major contributor to obesity, heart disease, cancers, and many other health complications like migraines. Thinking back to all my doctor and neurologist visits, I do not recall one word that was said about avoiding this sugar.  I was told how bananas trigger migraines and how MSG triggers migraines. Coloring like yellow 5 are also known to cause headaches.

I used to drink carbonated fruit punches that are labeled 100% juice-vitamin C, and I used to think they were healthy! Some fine marketing by those companies, let me tell you! Fruit punches will have all different types of coloring and high fructose corn syrup, all of which cause migraines.  Instead of drinking sodas and sugar loaded juices I nurti-bullet my organic fruits and made a real fruit juice!  On a side note, The Nutri-bullet is a fantastic appliance that every health enthuses should own.   Here is an excellent article on the ingredients that are not in USDA Organic.

Thinking back, I feel like I was lazy with my diet. This was because I worked so hard at everything else.  I took the fast/easy way out with my food and my health suffered.  The fast and frozen foods I used to live on are horrendous for your health.  The more informed and educated I made myself the more disappointed I became in myself. I now understand why cancer, obesity, and other health complications are taking control of this country.  Thinking back on the three years of really bad on and off chronic migraines I am glad it happened. The sleepless nights and consistent discomfort really opened my eyes to change.

Changing to an organic diet consisting of a lot of raw fruits, raw veggies, and grains almost completely cured my headaches. I still have to watch out for bright lights and loud sounds which will sometimes trigger a headache. It is also very important that I stay hydrated and do not skip meals. In the rare occurrence I get a headache it ends up going away and is not as severe.  Ask anyone who knows me, the last thing I cared about was eating properly. My “organic change” has cured something that doctors, neurologists, and medications could not!  

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 My Conclusion: When purchasing food read the labels! Food in this country is loaded with chemicals and other ingredients that are not good for human health. There are ingredients in our food that are illegal in other counties. Do I need to say more?!?!  If I could give you one piece of advice it would be take care of your body, you only get one. Your body will only run as good as the food you put into it. Also, it is my hope that parents will turn their children away from the convenient fast food chains that are destroying our youth.

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