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A Peak into my Email Marketing 2016 Strategy

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Email Marketing Strategy

My goal heading into next year is to grow our email marketing list. In 2015, we had a decent email strategy, but like everything else, there is always room for improvement. Here are my thoughts heading into my 2016 email marketing campaign.

General Practices

  • We will use incentives to grow our email list. Provide a free guide or other material when an email address is given. Coupon incentives will work very well.
  • Create unique email designs while keeping in mind that people have short attention spans.
  • Offer value. Why should users join our email list? We will offer exclusive content/services only for subscribers. Emails should include a mix of quality images/infographics, videos, and quality content.
  • Incorporate social media/social sharing.
  • Use it for market research. Give them something for free if they fill out an email survey.
  • Position our logo in the email and include a website link for seamless, consistent navigation.

Email Design

  • Research proves that the human eye scans email in an “F” pattern. We will use this knowledge to our advantage by positioning our logo, headline, and key call-to-actions at the top of our email. All these should be visible above the fold.
  • Primary call-to-action should be in the upper left quadrant. Call to action must be attention-grabbing. We want our email marketing subscribers to take action.
  • Include ‘alt’ tags within our images. Also, we will steer clear of extremely wide email templates, and steer clear of JavaScript and embedded style temples. An email should be easy to navigate via mobile phone and tablets. Food for thought: 53% of emails are opened with mobile devices.
  • Emails are better-received by subscribers when they’re attractively designed, effectively written, packed with relevant and useful information, and tested for prime design performance.

Email design is both an art and a science. It’s vital to understand the different aspects involved in order to maximize our subscriber response.

Email Subject Line

The subject line is arguably the most important part of our email. It’s the first thing our reader will see, and it can mean the difference between an opened email and one that’s sent straight to the trash.  

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Shorter subject lines generally have higher open rates.
  • Keeping subject lines under 50 characters will avoid the line from getting cut off.
  • Subject lines are meant to be persuasive, so don’t settle for a boring message. Instead, make it personal and infuse your brand style into the one-liner.  We will appeal to emotions with a  call to action.

Growing Email list

  • Give our customers every opportunity to opt-in to your list after they’ve initiated contact with your brand. Early 2015 we implemented a pop-up email subscription box. At first I was a bit concerned because I am not a big fan of obnoxious pop ups. BUT! I will say that the email subscription pop up box worked very well for us. It wasn’t overbearing and it flowed well with our site. It nearly doubled our email list.  Props to our programmer!
  • Sell Value. Successful email list growth begins with gaining permission from our subscribers. It’s up to us to clearly articulate the value that comes with signing up.
  • Diversify, track, and evaluate. We will employ multiple strategies and closely track all emails statistics.

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