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Post Website Launch Analytics

Post Website Launch Analytics
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Our new website design has now been live for 6 months. With our new website design we focused on creating a fast loading, mobile and content friendly website that is easy to navigate (UX). Since switching over and fixing a couple minor issues here and there, I will say that the redesign was well worth the investment. We’ve had a solid 6 months and are currently firing on all cylinders. Here’s a look into our post website launch analytics and our strategy that lead to these increases.

Post Website Launch Analytics: SEO, SMM, Referral Traffic

Organic Search 

Our organic search traffic has increased by 23% during the last 6 months. This is obviously the most important metric for any Ecommerce website, so I’m happy about this increase. When we launched our new website design it did take some time for us to get traction with Google. In 2018, we did lose some ranking because our website was a bite heavy, slow loading, and had some hosting issues. With that said, I’m glad we were able to work through those issues and come out in 2019 and kick some butt!


We focused on creating a website that loads quickly. A major ranking factor for Google is how fast a website loads. In addition, we focused on our mobile user experience. Our website has always been optimized for mobile, but we took it to another level with our new website design. Our mobile pages per session, load time, and overall visits has improved drastically. Much like the majority of other Ecommerce and content websites,  58% of our traffic to our website was via mobile. We went back to basics and focused on generating quality content. We focused on producing unique content that offers values to our audience. We worked very hard to acquire people that can contribute quality content to our website. I’ve found a couple people via LinkedIn. We have a few contributors that we pay, but most write for free. As an incentive, we’ll allow contributors to use our website on their resume and we will write them a LinkedIn recommendation  (5 or more articles).

Google is always updating their algorithm throughout the year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that they have always favored websites that provide quality content. With that said, we consistently provide our audience with quality content that they are sharing, reacting, and engaging with. Quality content is a great natural link building tactic and it has help us develop brand credibility. Having a well planned and executed content strategy has not only helped our SEO, but it also provided us with content to share on our social media channels. The foundation of our business has always been based around quality content. In 2018, we got away from that a little bit, so refocusing towards content has really paid off for us in regards to SEO.

Another way we boosted our SEO was through partnerships. We partnered with several other businesses and exchanged content and links. Guest blogging is still a great way to generate referral traffic and to get back links. However, you do need to be careful when it comes to guest blogging. We make the bulk of our money on selling to sports organizations and their coaches. What we did was we reached out to many of these organizations and offered to write content for them and even had them embed our blog into their website in their “resources” page. Many of these websites aren’t dripping with authority, but they are all related to what our website provides. So this is getting us a bunch of websites that are related linking back to our website (SEO endorsement). We also did a couple more All Star Features.

We have a program we call YFO All Stars. This program was created to showcase the best student-athletes in the country and around the world. We will call and do an interview with a player and we’ll feature that interview on our website. We ask for a teacher and their coach to comment about the player and we will feature that as well. So many times the entire family of the selected player, their teachers, and his or her’s teammates will share the article. More times than not, the organization that the player plays for will share it on their website. In addition, the school the player attends will also share the article on their social media and sometimes on their website as well. The parents of the player will share the article feature with all of their friends and family via social media. I’ve learned that when you make it about them, they will be more likely to share and endorse your website.

If your website is optimized for mobile, loads fast, is easy to navigate (UX experience), and provides your audience with quality content your SEO will benefit. Providing quality content on a regular basis is the best long term link building strategy. Content is still king.

Social Media 

Social media is a critical aspect of our business. Social media is something we’ve work very hard to get better at. It’s important to have a good social media strategy that is engaging. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website. Listen, Google can make one change to their algorithm and that can impact your organic traffic visits. So it’s important to have different ways that people can find and visit your website. I spend a good portion of my work day on social media marketing. We have several platforms that we are active on and it takes time planning, generating, and engaging with content on social. Not to mention all the time it takes to perfect and manage ad campaigns!


In 2018, our social strategy was solid. Having a strong social media presence has bailed us out in regards to website traffic when our organic traffic dropped slightly. In 2019 (so far), we implement the same strategy but wanted to get more creative and come up with ways to keep people coming back. We decided to do topics of the week, quotes of the day, coaching questions of the day (for engagement), Whiteboard Wednesday (informative), and we had a well laid out content plan that featured article links from our website (referral traffic). Having topics of the day and doing things like Whiteboard Wednesday has kept our audience engaged and it will keep them coming back.

Facebook Strategy, Quick Insight…

Facebook drives the most traffic to our website 76% of all social traffic arrives via mobile.

  • Quality content. Post new website articles on FB. How to posts, informative content…
  • Relevant content. Posting about events, games, and other relevant news.
  • Posts that drive engagement. Polls, questions, “what do you think”, asking for opinions. This shows our audience that we care about what they think and say. This helped drive post engagement and reach.  This is a great market research tactic as well.
  • Consistently posting. We created a Facebook content schedule and planned out all our posts ahead of time. This allowed us to be more organized and it allowed us to develop a reputation for providing quality and relevant content on a regular basis.
  • Coaching thought of the day, coaching question of the day, whiteboard Wednesday, and themed days all gave our audience reasons to come back regularly.
  • Rapid responses. We want to provide rapid responses to all comments on our posts. We focus on being human and actively engaging with everyone who reacts or comments on our post. We want to be a brand with a personality.
  • Consistently postings and engaging with our audience has helped us receive a 4.9 rating (based on people’s feedback and recommendations) and over 18k page likes.
  • Facebook is great for market research but it is also critical in regards to customer service. We receive messages and questions regularly about our products and services. So it’s important that we stay on top of our comments and messages, as many people nowadays use social media as a way to contact businesses.
  • Targeted ads.

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