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Professional Skills

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Skills: SMM, SEO, YouTube Optimization, CMS (Word Press), Link Building Strategies, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, E-Commerce, Content Writing, Project Planning, and Customer Service.

Search Engine Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

My goal is to develop unique search engine marketing campaigns for both revenue generation and brand recognition. I develops paid aids that generate positive ROI on a consistent basis. I utilize social media for reputation management and for customer service/feedback.

I focus on generating engaging social media strategies that help increase trust and brand credibility.  Social media is an excellent way to engage with target audiences. My belief is that social media is all about being ‘social’ and engaging in meaningful conversations with our audience. We try to make it about our target market and less about us. We use social media to engage in conversations and to provide content that is useful for our audience. We implemented a very personalized strategy and we pride ourselves on immediate responses to any conversations, inquiries, and/or concerns.  People want immediate answers so we provide them!

A very important aspect of my job is managing our Facebook ads. We utilize mostly news feed ads &  IG story ads. This past year we have focused  a bit more on Facebook video ads as they often out perform traditional ads featuring images. Managing our advertising budget is also a regular function of mine.

Search Engine Optimization 

After weeks of focusing solely on quality content, I was able to obtain top/first page organic search rankings for significant keywords. We rank anywhere from search result one to result three. I fully understand the importance of studying analytics and practicing the most relevant on and off page SEO techniques.  Since I was able to achieve high rankings in organic search,  I was able to lessen the budget needed for PPC/keyword bidding campaigns. I’ve learned that natural results will always out perform aid results.

One of my most important functions is being the lead content manager. On a regular basis I generates and optimizes blogs/articles, landing pages,  monthly news letters (email), blogger outreach, and social media interactions (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube primarily). As far as SEO goes, content is king. I focus on developing aggressive link building strategies. It’s all about coming up with creative ways to generate natural back links.  The most successful link building tactic for me has been through the production of quality content.

Having top organic ranking in Google Search will drive loads of traffic. However, when you rank high in Google search, Google Images,  and Videos you are golden.  I am focused on ranking well across all the different search options of Google.  Image optimization is extremely important and that is something we are going to keep working on.

Volunteer Work 

I am the lead organizer and promoter of two large scale fundraisers to help support youth football organizations in need of funds.  I oversee all marketing campaigns (traditional & digital) for the promotion of these annual events. Coaching youth football is by far my favorite hobby. I have been a volunteer youth football coach for over a decade. I take pride in the fact that I am helping mold the future leaders of our great country. In addition, this past year I launched our first annual international youth football camp in Vienna, Austria!

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