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Title Tag and Anchor Texts

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Title Tag and Anchor Texts- Basic SEO Practices

Title tags are probably the most important aspect of search engine optimization.  The title tag will not just tell the user what the page is about, but it will tell the search engines what the page is about.

Effective Title Tag

  • Title tags pertain to the copy.
  • Targeted keyword must be used in the title tags.
  • No duplicate title tags.
  • Keep the title characters under 60.
  • Every page and blog must have SEO friendly title tags. Search engines like consistency.
  • Use title tags that are appealing for target audiences.
  • Descriptive title tags. This will help the search engines determine what the content is about.

Title Tag and Anchor Texts

Ineffective Title Tags

  • Duplicate title tags.
  • Characters over 60.
  • Boring or “lame” titles. These titles must appeal to the target audience.
  • Title tags that do not pertain to the copy.

Meta Descriptions

  • This will give the searchers an idea of what the page is about.
  • Meta description should contain targeted keywords.
  • Meta description should be a strongly worded summary. Force them to want to click.
  • Meta tags should consist of some keywords and be around 150 characters.

Anchor Text

Anchor texts are visible words/characters within a page that are hyperlinked. When you click on the hyperlinked word/characters you will be sent to another page or website.  Anchors will be used to strengthen other pages or blogs.  Anchors will be used to refer a customer to another page of relevance. For example-If we write a blog talking about a specific item, we will insert an anchor text (internal hyperlink) that will send them to a page of relevance. Anchor texts not just help with the “SEO web” of your site, but strategic anchor texts will keep the user on your site and make them visit additional pages.

Properly using Anchors

  • They will be relevant to the article, page, or blog. The keywords of the anchor texts must relate to the content.
  • Anchors must be descriptive, not one word.
  • Do not over use them. There shouldn’t be 20 hyperlinks in each article/blog post.
  • Use anchors to strengthen other pages of your site by anchoring to those pages.
  • Use Google webmaster to get a report on our top anchor text phrases used when people link to our site.

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